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Lorna Simpson at the Hause & Wirth

  Lorna Simpson is an African-American photographer and multimedia artist who made her name in the 1980s and 1990s with artworks such as guarded conditions and square deals. She is best known for her photo collages, films and photo installations part of conceptual photography movement. She has long been known …

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“A Fearful Hope: Alta Buden & Jackson O’Brasky”

  Sculptor Alta Buden and painter Jackson O’Brasky are currently showing their joint-prowess as far as art is concerned at the Sargent’s Daughters gallery. Sargent’s Daughters gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in New York City; it features a minimalist backdrop for its diverse rotating exhibitions. Alta is a …

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The Democrats Debate Health Care

health care

  Moving Toward a Revolutionized Health Care Among the hot-button issues Democrats debated last week, health care was one of the hottest. The candidates’ plans range from building on the current system implemented by the Affordable Care Act under President Obama to Sanders’ Medicare for All plan, which would mandate the …

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