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Mural Artist Pegasus Creates a Karl Lagerfeld Portrait Hours After His death

When someone influential or let’s say iconic passes on, what would be first thing you would do?  Directing this same question to ‘Pegasus’, he would probably say “I would drop everything”, but not just for any iconic figure, for an iconic figure he sees as ‘superhuman’. But for what particular reason would he ‘drop everything’?

Mural artist Pegasus, known for celebrity murals of the like Madonna, “dropped everything” when he heard the news of Lagerfeld’s death and instead headed immediately to his studio and designed an art piece, now painted on a wall – on – Great Eastern Street Shoreditch in London. He worked on the piece from Tuesday noon until 2am on Wednesday, then returned to the studio at 8 am to finish it up.

“When someone like that dies you have to drop everything and pay tribute to them.” Said Pegasus. “I know he’s quite a controversial figure but when I heard that he had passed, I was actually heading to Belfast and I just kind of dropped everything and ran to my studio.”

The mural which is a portrait of the designer, Karl Lagerfeld, is mostly black and white, and has a signature of one his famous lines “There is no beauty without strangeness”.

Born on September 1933, the German born designer, Lagerfeld was widely known and recognized for his signature look – of black sunglasses, fingerless gloves, high detachable collars and his white ponytail. He died from pancreatic cancer on February 19th 2019.

Lagerfeld who live in Paris, was not only a fashion designer, but also an artist, photographer and caricaturist. Up until his death, he was the creative director of the ‘French Fashion House Chanel’ since 1983. He was also the creative director of the ‘Italian fur and leather goods fashion house Fendi’, and his own Fashion label.

Artist Pegasus says the news of Lagerfeld’s death was a shock to him because he seemed like a superhuman figure just like Michael Jackson was.

 “There’s several people that have passed away and I’ve just been in total disbelief about, he said. “Michael Jackson was one of them because I thought I’d never see the day that he died, he didn’t even seem human, he was like superhuman and Karl Lagerfeld was also one of those types of people.”

He also pointed out that Pegasus was a trend setter, and that he loved his collections minus the fur collections. “I adored everything else apart from Lagerfeld’s fur collections. I thought he was a genius and just such an icon.”

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