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Brigitte Watkinson Inside Everything is Colourful
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In the Studio with Artist Brigitte Watkinson from Make Slugs Beautiful

Brigitte Watkinson, also known as Make Slugs Beautiful, is a German fine artist who lives and works in Cheshire, UK. Her vibrant and...

Jason Wilsher Mills
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How Digital Artist Jason Wilsher-Mills is Inflating Accessible Art

What do a giant inflatable ram, Gulliver’s Travels, and rhubarb have in common? They are all found in the heart-warming and eye-boggling work by...

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Meet Marco Leona from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This week we have the honor of meeting Marco Leona from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and share his...

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The Inspiring Story of the Fine Artist Ann Ruth

This week we had the pleasure to chat with the fine artist Ann Ruth from Rolling Hills, CA and we are here to...

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Gianfranco Meggiato: The Master of Sculpture

Gianfranco, tell us who you are and where you are from. My name is Gianfranco Meggiato, I was born in Venice in 1963...