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Zaq Landsberg Reclining Liberty Morningside Park 2021
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There is a Reclining Liberty Statue in a Harlem Park, And You Can Touch It

The reclining figure is one of the most popular poses in the history of art, particularly in the Eastern iconography. In Buddhist art,...

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Meet the Artist Michael Alan Alien

Today we met the talented and creative Michael Alan Alien from NYC. You are an artist and you also perform in shows. Which...

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Meet Marco Leona from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This week we have the honor of meeting Marco Leona from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and share his...

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New York City Artist Margaret Zox Brown Creates Lockdown Paintings

This week we had the pleasure to interview artist Margaret Zox Brown who created a series of “lockdown” paintings through a personal journey...

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Gone Too Soon, Yet Explored a New Era of Art

Artist Atom Hovhanesyan, August 19, 1981- May 10, 2018 “The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes...