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The Art Of The Genkai’s Guidance From Yu-Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament

Guess what? ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ is still winning hearts even after it ended! Now there’s a cool Yu Yu Hakusho Card Game by Universus, bringing back our favorite characters like Genkai with ‘Genkai’s Guidance.

Join the fun as we explore the magic of this card – Genkai’s origins, trivia, cool illustration, and maybe even its worth!


Genkai, the venerable master of Yusuke Urameshi, adds a layer of wisdom and strength to the Yu Yu Hakusho narrative.

As an integral part of Yusuke’s journey, Genkai’s character resonates deeply with fans. The ‘Genkai’s Guidance’ card pays homage to this formidable character, allowing enthusiasts to hold a piece of Genkai’s timeless mentorship.


Did you know? Genkai’s character design drew inspiration from the concept of wise martial arts mentors found in various storytelling traditions.

Additionally, her no-nonsense attitude and formidable strength are a nod to the archetype of strong, elderly martial arts masters.


genkai's guidance

Genkai, the master of Yusuke, exudes an air of authority and character that sets her apart. Despite her age, she stands strong and ready for action, captured in an attack-ready pose on the ‘Genkai’s Guidance’ card. This portrayal resonates with her sage-like demeanor, defying expectations of what one might expect from someone of her age.

The card’s background, featuring vibrant colors, enhances the visual appeal, making Genkai stand out with an aesthetically pleasing charm.


As of writing this blog post, ‘Genkai’s Guidance’ is yet to hit the market, making predicting its price a challenging task. Considering the absence of any Yu Yu Hakusho cards in the world and relying on the popularity of the anime card games UVG has created, we take a shot in the dark. Speculatively, we estimate the potential value of the card to be around $10.

This figure is based on the anticipation surrounding Yu Yu Hakusho’s popularity and the general trends seen in other anime card releases.

Nevertheless, take this prediction with a grain of salt as we eagerly await the unveiling of ‘Genkai’s Guidance’ in the Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament Pack. Embrace the nostalgia, and let the wisdom of Genkai guide you into the world of card collecting, pre order the Dark Tournament Booster Box here

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