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The Art Of Eraser Head Promo From MHA Universus

The Eraser Head promo is part of the My Hero Academia Universe promo set, and it’s been grabbing a lot of attention lately, thanks to the awesome illustration it boasts. The card features Eraser Head, the calm and composed class teacher from UA High, who also serves as a mentor to our heroes.

So, we decided to shine some much-deserved light on this masterpiece of a card and discuss its value. If that interests you, stick around!


Let’s kick things off with the origins of our stoic hero, Eraser Head. Also known as Shota Aizawa, he’s not just a teacher; he’s a superhero with a no-nonsense attitude. Aizawa hails from UA High School, where he not only imparts knowledge but also kicks villain butt when duty calls. Imagine having a teacher who’s both your mentor and your shield against evildoers.

That’s Eraser Head for you – a hero in and out of the classroom!


Now, let’s erase some curiosity with some fun facts about our hero. Did you know that Eraser Head’s quirk allows him to erase other people’s quirks just by looking at them? It’s like having the ultimate power to hit pause on superpowers.

Plus, his calm and composed demeanor isn’t just for show – he’s got a no-fuss attitude that makes him the teacher everyone wishes for. He’s not just erasing quirks; he’s erasing the chaos with style!


eraser head promo

The illustration showcases our hero in his natural form factor – a stoic man with a calm and composed demeanor. That “no-fuss given” attitude? Oh yes, it’s on full display, and it’s exactly the teacher we all secretly want. The card masterfully captures Eraser Head’s personality in a subtle and elegant way. You look at this illustration, and you instantly know what Eraser Head is all about – pure hero vibes!

But that’s not all – the card introduces us to Eraser Head in a brand new attire. No more seeing him in his old, stinky hero clothes. This fresh look suits him perfectly, and the traditional Japanese art in the background adds to the festive nature of the card. It’s like witnessing a hero makeover that’s both classy and cool!


Now, for the real talk – what’s the Eraser Head promo card worth? As we speak, this card is on fire in the reseller space, selling for over $20!

And rightfully so – Eraser Head is a popular figure in the My Hero Academia community, and the card boasts a stellar illustration. Plus, it’s a promo – a limited edition piece of hero goodness that any collector would love to have in their arsenal.

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