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The Art Of Summon Dark Shadow Promo From MHA Universus

Today, we’re diving into the enthralling world of My Hero Academia Universe to chat about a card that’s currently stealing the spotlight – the Summon Dark Shadow card. This beauty is a part of the promotional set, and let me tell you, it’s not just any card; it’s my personal favorite!

Why, you ask? Well, because Dark Shadow looks absolutely rad in it. The duo is on fire, and this card is creating a buzz in the reseller space. So, let’s shine a light on this captivating card and share the fun with you. Stick around, and let’s have a blast!


dark shadow

Let’s kick things off with the origins of our mystical hero, Dark Shadow. This shadowy sidekick is the quirk of Fumikage Tokoyami, a student at UA High School. Dark Shadow isn’t just a cool quirk; it’s a mysterious force that adds an extra layer of awesomeness to Tokoyami’s hero game.

Imagine having a shadow that’s not just a follower but a powerhouse hero in its own right. That’s Dark Shadow for you!


Now, let’s delve into some shadowy trivia about Dark Shadow. Did you know that Fumikage Tokoyami’s hero name is Tsukuyomi? It’s inspired by the Japanese moon god, adding an extra layer of mystique to his character.

Plus, Dark Shadow has a soft spot for light – the brighter, the better.


summon dark shadow

Hold onto your capes because the illustration of the Summon Dark Shadow card is a visual masterpiece! Dark Shadow is not just lurking in the shadows; it’s taking center stage in a brand new outfit we’ve rarely seen on Fumikage. The intensity in Dark Shadow’s gaze is enough to send shivers down your spine, while Fumikage, true to his stoic demeanor, is chilling like a hero boss.

The background is a celebration of traditional Japanese art, tying the festive theme of the card together. It’s a visual treat that adds an extra layer of coolness to an already cool card!


Now, for the real talk – how much moolah is the Summon Dark Shadow card packing? As of writing this blog, Fumikage’s card is going for around $20. While it might not break the bank like some other promo cards, the illustration is so cool that it’s a steal at this price.

Dark Shadow’s intense look and Fumikage’s chill vibes make this card a must-have for any collector who appreciates a touch of mystique.

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