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The Art Of The Power Of Youku From Yu-Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament

The Power of Youko is a part of the Yu-Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournamnet pack.

“Yu Yu Hakusho,” a timeless shounen anime that has carved its place in the hearts of fans, continues to enchant us even years after its conclusion. Now, with the Yu Yu Hakusho Card Game from Universus, the magic of this beloved series is back in action, offering iconic cards that revive the spirits of our favorite characters.

One such gem is the ‘Power of the Youko’ card, featuring the one and only Kurama in his original form. Let’s delve into the allure of this card and explore its origins, trivia, illustration, and potential value.



Kurama, a character with a captivating dual nature, boasts an intriguing origin story.

From his original form as the fox demon Youko Kurama to his transformation into a human, the journey of Kurama adds depth to the Yu Yu Hakusho narrative. This card beautifully encapsulates both facets of Kurama’s existence, making it a must-have for fans eager to reconnect with the essence of this beloved character.


Guess what? The name ‘Kurama’ comes from Japanese folklore, linked to the legendary tengu spirit tied to Kurama mountain. These mythical beings, super smart with magic skills, reflect the sly charm of our fox demon buddy.

Also, Kurama’s human form, Shuichi Minamino, takes cues from the gorgeous and tough chrysanthemum flower, symbolizing elegance and strength in Japanese culture


The POwer Of Youku

Behold the mesmerizing ‘Power of the Youko’ card, showcasing the fox demon Kurama in all his glory. Poised in a battle-ready stance, ready to pounce on any adversary crossing his path, the card radiates the elegance and eloquence that define Kurama.

The gradient background adds a cinematic touch, as if we’ve captured a still from the anime itself. This card not only pays homage to Kurama but also elevates the gaming experience with its visually stunning design.


As of now, determining the precise value of the ‘Power of the Youko’ card remains uncertain, given that this is the first set of Yu Yu Hakusho cards we’ve received. The market is buzzing with anticipation. Although we can’t pinpoint an exact value, speculations suggest a ballpark figure around $10.

However, it’s crucial to take this estimate with a grain of salt, as the true worth of this card will unfold based on the fandom’s enthusiasm and the overall interest it garners.

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