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Loss Of Hope Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

The “Loss of Hope” promo card from My Hero Academia Universus has been creating quite a buzz in the collector’s circle since its debut in the promotional set.

Featuring the notorious Gentle Criminal, the main villain from the festival arc, this card has not only caught the eye of fans but has also been racking up impressive numbers.

Today, let’s unravel the enigma surrounding this card as we embark on a journey into its origins, trivia, illustration, and its current value.


gentle criminal

To understand the allure of the “Loss of Hope” promo card, we must first delve into the origins of its central character, Gentle Criminal.

Born as Danjuro Tobita, this eccentric villain turned to a life of crime after facing setbacks in his pursuit of becoming a hero.

His unique ability, Elasticity, allows him to make any object he touches temporarily elastic. However, his misguided sense of justice and flair for the dramatic place him firmly on the side of villainy.


Beyond his criminal escapades, Gentle Criminal’s dynamic with his accomplice La Brava adds an extra layer of intrigue.

La Brava’s quirk, Love, enhances Gentle’s abilities when she declares her love for him.

This unconventional partnership creates a duo that stands out even in the diverse array of characters in the My Hero Academia universe.


loss of hope

The “Loss of Hope” card captures a peculiar moment featuring Gentle Criminal.

With a mysterious box in hand, he gazes at it intently, as if it holds the key to solving all his problems.

The illustration, while not considered the standout piece in the promo set, is a snapshot from an anime episode.

It presents Gentle Criminal in an atypical light, evoking curiosity about the contents of the box and the thoughts running through his mind.


Despite not being heralded as the crown jewel of the promo set, the “Loss of Hope” card commands a market value of around $10.

The enigmatic allure of Gentle Criminal and the promotional nature of the card contribute to its pricing. However, the sustainability of this value in the future remains uncertain.

Will it maintain its charm, or will it fade into the background as newer cards take the spotlight? Only time will reveal the fate of this intriguing promo card.

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