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Shoot Style: St. Louis Smash XR From My Hero Academia Universus

Introducing the Shoot Style: St. Louis Smash XR, a prominent addition to the My Hero Academia Jet Burn expansion. Featuring our beloved shounen protagonist, none other than Deku— Izuku Midoriya himself— delivering a powerful blow, smashing a villain into oblivion!

This card has captured the everyones attention, and today, we’re here to delve into the reasons behind its popularity. If discovering the current and future potential of this card intrigues you, stick around!



Our journey begins with the origins of our green-haired protagonist, Deku. Born as Izuku Midoriya, he started as the Quirkless underdog who defied the odds to become the Symbol of Peace.

From inheriting One For All to mastering the Shoot Style technique, Deku’s journey is a testament to grit, determination, and a touch of shounen magic.


Beyond the punches and powers, let’s sprinkle in some fun trivia about Deku. Did you know his favorite food is katsudon, or that he shares a birthday with the iconic All Might?

These little tidbits add a layer of charm to Deku’s character, making him not just a hero but a relatable shounen star.


Shoot Style: St. Louis Smash XR

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the Shoot Style: St. Louis Smash XR illustration. Picture this: Deku in mid-Smash, taking down a villain with a kick that probably left them questioning their life choices. The card radiates energy, confidence, and, most importantly, showcases Deku’s insane powers. It’s a visual spectacle that captures the essence of My Hero Academia – dynamic, intense, and just downright cool.

Deku’s power is so overwhelming that he had to dial it down to avoid breaking his own bones. Now, that’s a problem worth having! The card not only showcases the hero’s prowess but also highlights the challenges heroes like Deku face in balancing their incredible abilities.


As of writing this blog post, the Shoot Style: St. Louis Smash XR is flying off the shelves at around $40. It’s an insane value considering the plethora of great Deku cards out there.

What makes this one stand out? Perhaps it’s the intensity of the move, the dynamic illustration, or just the sheer awesomeness of seeing Deku kick villain butt. We also believe the value might persist through the next expansions, given how cool and iconic this move is.

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