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The Art Of Fiery Vengeance XSR From My Hero Academia Universus

Embark on an explosive journey into the scorching realm of My Hero Academia as we delve into the sizzling sensation – the Fiery Vengeance XSR card featuring the mighty Endeavor!

This card has set the My Hero Academia CCG community ablaze, and we’re here to fan the flames with insights into its origins, trivia, illustration, and the red-hot value it brings to the table.


endeavor and all might

Our journey begins with Endeavor’s origins – a hero whose flames burn brighter than the sun. Born as Enji Todoroki, Endeavor ascended to the number two hero spot with an unyielding resolve and a quirk that literally sets him ablaze.

From his early years to becoming the Symbol of Peace’s fiery successor, Endeavor’s journey is a testament to unrelenting determination, even if his methods have been questionable.


Did you know that Endeavor’s fiery facial scar, a prominent feature on his relentless visage, isn’t just a battle scar?

It’s a constant reminder of his unyielding pursuit to surpass All Might. This distinctive mark originated from a fateful encounter with a formidable Nomu, showcasing the sacrifices and challenges Endeavor faced on his path to becoming the number one hero


Fiery Vengeance XSR

The Fiery Vengeance XSR captures the essence of Endeavor in all his blazing glory. Picture this – a hero seething with a fiery rage, ready to erupt like a nuclear explosion.

Endeavor’s perpetual scowl is taken up a notch, earning the card its fitting name – Fiery Vengeance. The illustration is a visual feast, with a background that makes the flames pop even more.

The Japanese typography adds a touch of cultural coolness to the mix. It’s a paradox how such a scorching card manages to look incredibly cool!


Now, let’s talk about the red-hot value of the Fiery Vengeance XSR. As of writing this blog post, the card is igniting the reseller market with a blazing price tag of over $40.

Considering the array of Endeavor cards out there, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. It won’t be an overstatement to predict that the Fiery Vengeance will become a classic in a few years, given its sheer awesomeness and the enduring popularity of Endeavor.

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