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The Art Of Incredible Display XR From My Hero Academia Universus

The My Hero Academia Jet Burn expansion has blessed collectors with a gem— the “Incredible Display XR” featuring the radiant Nejire Hado from the illustrious Big Three.

Let’s take a look into the origins, trivia, and the stunning illustration that has propelled this card to new heights.


nejire hado

Nejire Hado, a member of U.A. High School’s Big Three, boasts an electrifying quirk known as Wave Motion.

Hailing from the School Festival Arc, Nejire’s character is a testament to the diversity of talents within the My Hero Academia universe.

Her dynamic abilities and cheerful personality have endeared her to fans, making her an excellent choice for a standout card.

You can see her gracefully performing in the Beauty pageant, this is where the illustration on the card Incredible Display XR comes from.


Did you know Nejire Hado’s quirk, Wave Motion, allows her to convert vitality into shockwaves?

This unique ability not only showcases her combat prowess but also underlines her versatility in different situations.

Nejire’s quirk is a dazzling display of power that aligns perfectly with her vibrant and energetic character.


Incredible Display XR

The “Incredible Display XR” captures Nejire Hado in a breathtaking moment. Dressed in a mesmerizing gown, she gracefully soars through the skies. This isn’t an everyday occurrence for our hero; it’s a scene from the beauty pageant where Nejire decided to showcase her quirk by taking flight.

The card is a visual spectacle, encapsulating the ethereal beauty of the Big Three member. The name “Incredible Display” truly does justice to this enchanting illustration.


As of the latest market check, the “Incredible Display XR” commands a noteworthy $25. This value is remarkable considering the competitive landscape of the Jet Burn expansion. With the potential to become one of the standout Nejire Hado cards, this gem has a promising future ahead. The soaring beauty of Nejire Hado in this card has not only captured the essence of her character but also the hearts of collectors worldwide.

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