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The Rabbit Kick XR From My Hero Academia Jet Burn

The Rabbit Kick XR, part of the My Hero Academia Jet Burn expansion, is creating a buzz in the MHA community!

Featuring Mirko’s powerful leg, this card is scoring big. Intrigued? Released just days ago, the card has quickly become a fan favorite. Mirko’s superhero prowess is on full display as she delivers a knockout kick to a villain.

Let’s dig into its origins, share cool trivia, and appreciate the fantastic artwork.


Mirko, the rabbit hero, is a dynamic addition to the hero roster. Introduced in the Pro Hero Arc, Mirko quickly gained popularity for her incredible agility and combat skills.

Her bunny-inspired hero costume and fearless demeanor make her a standout character. Mirko’s journey from the manga pages to the trading card world showcases the expansive reach of My Hero Academia’s captivating universe.


Rumi Usagiyama

Did you know Mirko’s quirk, Rabbit, enhances her physical abilities, giving her super strength and agility? This bunny hero is not to be underestimated!

Mirko’s combat style, resembling a wild rabbit in action, adds a layer of charm to her character.


Rabbit Kick XR

The “Rabbit Kick XR” freezes a moment in time, capturing Mirko in the midst of delivering a powerful kick to a villain’s unfortunate noggin. The sheer dynamism of the scene is enough to get any fan’s heart racing. Mirko’s leg, propelled with super strength, is about to make contact, and you can almost feel the impact.

This card is a perfect example of the kind of action-packed scenes fans adore, making it a standout addition to any collector’s arsenal.


As of the latest market check, the “Rabbit Kick XR” is hopping onto reseller sites with a price range of $20-$25. It’s a solid value considering the competitive landscape of the Jet Burn expansion.

However, future predictions might not be as rosy. While Mirko is undoubtedly an exciting hero, her popularity might not reach the heights of iconic characters like Shoto or Deku. Additionally, cards focusing on specific anime scenes tend to have a fluctuating demand in the market.

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