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The Ochaco Uraraka XR From My Hero Academia Jet Burn

In the Jet Burn expansion pack, one card is soaring above the rest—the delightful “Ochaco Uraraka XR.” This adorable addition has quickly become a favorite within the MHA CCG community, and today, we’re taking a joyous dive into the reasons behind its popularity.

Join us as we unravel the origins, sprinkle in some fun trivia, admire the illustration, and finally, discuss the card’s value.



Ochaco Uraraka, fondly known as Uravity, emerges as a central character early in My Hero Academia. Hailing from the hero course at U.A. High School, Ochaco possesses a unique quirk that allows her to manipulate gravity.

Her journey from a determined student to a pivotal hero-in-training has won the hearts of fans. The “Ochaco Uraraka XR” card beautifully encapsulates her essence, and it’s no wonder fans are eager to get their hands on this floating marvel.


Did you know Ochaco’s quirk, Zero Gravity, not only lets her make objects weightless but also has a strategic edge in battle? By floating debris or even opponents, she can gain a tactical advantage.


Ochaco Uraraka XR

The “Ochaco Uraraka XR” captures Ochaco in her signature pose—floating with an air of carefree grace. Her quirk, a cornerstone of her hero identity, is on full display.

While some cards boast original illustrations, this one offers a snapshot that mirrors scenes from the anime.

The simplicity and clarity of the illustration add to its charm, making it a visual treat for collectors. Ochaco’s radiant smile and buoyant demeanor make this XR card a testament to her endearing character.


As of our latest market check, the “Ochaco Uraraka XR” is fluttering onto reseller sites with an average price of around $25. Considering the straightforward illustration, this price is quite commendable. Other Ochaco cards with more elaborate designs may be available for less, but the charm of this XR card lies in its simplicity.

As avid collectors know, each card carries its unique appeal, and the “Ochaco Uraraka XR” is undoubtedly a floating gem in the MHA CCG universe.

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