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The Art Of Fierce Wings XSR From My Hero Academia Universus

Soaring into the My Hero Academia scene, the Fierce Wings XSR from the Jet Burn expansion has become the talk of the town, and guess who’s stealing the show? None other than the winged wonder, Hawks!

This card has taken flight in the reseller market, and today, we’re here to unravel the secrets behind its soaring popularity.

Buckle up, because we’re about to take a deep dive into this cards origins, shed some light on the illustration, reveal some fun facts and lastly predict its future value!



Hawks, our feathered hero, made his mark with his exceptional quirk and undeniable coolness. Born as Keigo Takami, he soared into the hero scene with his unique ability to manipulate feathers.

From a troubled past to becoming one of the best Pro Heroes, Hawks has indeed spread his wings far and wide.


Beyond his feathered appearance, Hawks boasts a personality as sharp as his wings. Quick-witted, laid-back, and with a touch of sass, Hawks is a hero who doesn’t let the gravity of the situation weigh him down.

His ability to multitask, both in the skies and in conversations, makes him a standout character in the My Hero Academia universe.


fierce wings xsr

The Fierce Wings XSR card captures Hawks in a rather chill pose, and let’s be honest, Hawks could be standing in line at a coffee shop, and he’d still look cool. The simplicity of the card, with Hawks front and center, radiates awesomeness.

The contrasting background complements him perfectly, and the Japanese typography adds that extra touch of coolness. And did we mention it’s a full art? Because who doesn’t love a card that’s a visual feast!


As of writing this blog post, the Fierce Wings XSR is making waves in the reseller market, fetching around $50! Now, that’s a value that’s soaring even higher than Hawks himself.

It’s no surprise considering Hawks’ popularity, but hitting the $50 mark has exceeded expectations. With Hawks still being relevant in the My Hero Academia universe, there’s a good chance this card’s value will keep flying high in the future.

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