The Art Of Tasty Riff XR From My Hero Academia Universus

The Tasty Riff XR from the Jet Burn expansion pack has taken center stage since its recent release, quickly becoming a sought-after gem. Featuring the enigmatic Fumikage Tokoyami, also known as Dark Shadow, this card has stirred excitement and curiosity among collectors.

Let’s unravel the delightful mysteries behind the Tasty Riff XR as we explore its origins, sprinkle in some fun trivia, bask in the brilliance of its illustration, and unveil its current market value along with future prospects.


fumikage tokoyami

To comprehend the Tasty Riff XR’s charm, we must first journey into the origins of its central character, Dark Shadow. Fumikage Tokoyami, with his mysterious quirk, Dark Shadow, hails from U.A. High School.

His brooding and enigmatic personality, coupled with a sentient shadow sidekick, make him an intriguing addition to the My Hero Academia universe.


dark shadow

Dark Shadow, Tokoyami’s quirk, isn’t just a run-of-the-mill power. It has a personality of its own, bringing an extra layer of complexity to the character.

This shadowy sidekick, with a penchant for darkness, is both a strength and a challenge for Tokoyami, making their dynamic one of the most captivating in the series.


tasty riff xr

The Tasty Riff XR card captures Tokoyami pulling off a tasty riff, a moment of musical magic that adds a unique flair to his character. While we may not hear the riff audibly, the dynamic illustration brings it to life, making us feel the rhythm.

Tokoyami stands alone, sans Dark Shadow, showcasing his individuality and cool factor. The card’s vibrant background complements the character, creating a visually striking masterpiece that stands out in the collection.


As of this blog post, the Tasty Riff XR commands a market value ranging from $60 to $70, a testament to its popularity and the stunning illustration. In a set filled with beloved characters, this card’s value underscores the importance of not just popularity but also the impact of a captivating illustration.

Looking ahead, Tokoyami’s enduring popularity within the community and the card’s visually appealing design indicate a promising future, making it a worthy investment for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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