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The Art of Pokemon: Giratina V Star From Lost Origin!

The Giratina V Star is a part of the Pokemon Lost Origin expansion pack!

Lost Origins is one of the best expansion packs we got this year; it was a breath of fresh air after the Poklemon Go expansion pack, which wasn’t very popular amongst fans. But Lost Origins managed to be a great expansion, featuring some of the best cards we’ve seen all year!

The expansion has to be one of the best this year as it is, the last few ones released in the sw/sh era. With the advent of the new Pokemon era kicked off by the release of the Scarlet and Violet games, we won’t be seeing the sw/sh cards and the Pokemon company might want to end the generation on a high note!

And so far, they have been successful in doing so as they have released some awesome cards; one such card is the Giratina V Star! The card has been doing rounds on the reseller markets, so let’s shed some light on its features and decipher the high value it commands!


Giratina, as you know, I, the lord of the Distortion realm, was banished to this hellscape because of his evil ways in the overworld! The gods in Pokemon are not very fond of Girtina as it has on multiple occasions tried to cause havoc on the world of humans and Pokemon!

It is mighty, and since its introduction in the 4th gen, it has been a favorite fan legendary. With the release of the remakes in the form of BDSP, this popularity only increased!

blank blank Giratina V Alt Art


The Lost Origin expansion pack is one Giratina-centric expansion, it features a lot of cards featuring the dark lord, and we’re not complaining at all. Every card that Giratina is on is incredible!

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Any card illustration is a lifeline; if the picture manages to entice the fans, then the card will do big numbers; the same can be said of the Giratina V Star. It might not be the best V-Star card released, but it is a perfect Giratina card!

And there are three different versions of the Giratina V Stars in the Lost Origin expansion! The Golden version is by far the most popular one and is the most expensive one as well!


As of writing this blog post, the Giratina V Star is sold for anywhere between $10-$40. The number varies depending on your version of the Giratina V Star. The Golden Rare is by far the most valuable, with a price point of $40.

The Rainbow Rare and regular versions of the cards are not doing so well regarding the value, but who knows, this might change in the future!

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