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The Art of Pokemon: Giratina V Alternate Full Art From Lost Origin!

The Giratina V Alternate Full Art is a part of the Pokemon Lost Origin expansion pack!

Pokemon Lost Origin promises to be one of the best expansion packs this year, with a heavy emphasis on the Lord of the distortion realm, Giratina; the Pokemon company has given us some of the best cards featuring a Giratina on them.

Lost origin is one of the last few expansion packs that will be released in the sword and shield era of Pokemon games, soon we will be getting a brand new entry in the main series lineup in the form of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and once that happens, we will start getting into a new era of cards!

So it is safe to say that the TCG would want to end the sw/sh era with a bang! And so far, it seems to be the case; there have been multiple cards from the expansion selling for hundreds of dollars on reseller markets, one such card being the Giratina V Alternate Full Art.

It’s probably the most valuable of the bunch, so let’s look at some of the features that make it so popular!


Giratina is one of the most essential Pokemon in the Pokeverse; it is a God along with the Dialga, Palkia, and the supreme Deity, Arceus! But Giratina didn’t manage to fit in with the bunch because of its evil ways. It was pure evil, so to stop his darkness from spreading further, it was banished to the distortion realm!

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Pokemon Lost Origin is a very Giraina-centric expansion pack; it appears on every booster pack and box! So it is not supposed to see multiple Giratina cards in the pack, each of which is great in its own right!
Giratina V Alt Art


As for the illustration of the card, the Giratina V Alternate Full Art doesn’t disappoint at all. The Giratina can be seen floating around in a messy-looking place; this is the natural habitat of the Pokemon, the distortion realm where Giratina was banished for all eternity!

Seeing Giratina in its natural habitat on a card is very rare; the artist has done a great job depicting the Dark Lord.


As of writing this article, the price of the Giratina V Alternate Full Art is around $250! This is a lot compared to the other Giratina cards that came out in this era. The card indeed has something going for it, making fans pay crazy amounts. If you manage to get your hand on one such card, secure it, as it might increase in value in the future!

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