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The Art of Pokemon: Hisuian Goodra V Star From Lost Origin!

The Hisuian Goodra V Star is a part of the Pokemon Lost Origin expansion pack!

Pokemon has had a great year so far; with the release of Legends: Arceus, the company was flying high. It was a breath of fresh in the line of Pokemon main series games; it completely revamped the Pokemon gameplay and was loved by the fans for it. But it wasn’t the highlight of the year. As soon after it, Pokemon announce the release of the 9th generation Poklemon games!

Now that the Sword and Shield Era is about to rest, the Pokemon TCG is trying to bid the era a good farewell by releasing some of the best cards we’ve seen all year. The Lost Origin expansion features Giratina prominently, and rightfully so; we’ve seen Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus getting their fair share of exposure this year, and it was about time Gireatina came to the limelight.

The expansion features a beautiful card, the Hisuian Goodra V Star, which has been consistently sold for high prices in the resellers market. So we decided to do a small blog post shedding some light on why the card is doing such big numbers!


The Hisuian Goodra looks similar to its Kalosian counterpart; there are subtle differences, but if a new player sees them, they won’t be able to differentiate it, as the only distinguishing feature is their tails. The Hisuian has a giant shell on its back which is a nod to its snail-like qualities.

The Kalosian Goodra was also inspired by a snail but didn’t have a shell.



The Hisuian Goodra V Star isn’t the only Goodra card in the expansion; we also have the two different V cards, which look just as good as the V Star cards.


The Hisuian Goodra V Star shows off what the Hisuian Goodra always looks like, and if you think it’s sad, then you’re right; the Pokemon is sad. The Hisuian Goodra are very social, and if they’re left alone, they get low, and that’s what the illustrator of this card, 5ban graphics, is trying to depict.

These might be small details, but they set the card apart in the vast array of cards we get every few months!


As of writing this blog post, the Hisuian Goodra V Star is sold for anywhere between $15-20, but the price might fluctuate depending on the site you’re checking it on and the condition of the card. For a perfect mint condition card, you can easily fetch $20.

As the Hisuian Goodra isn’t very different from the Goodra we already have, it is not the most popular Pokemon currently and has a low price. You can also expect this price to stay around the same amount in the future.

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