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The Art of Pokemon: Pikachu V Max From Lost Origin!

The Pikachu V Max is a part of the Pokemon Lost Origin expansion pack!

The Lost Origin Expansion Pack is one of the last ones we will be getting for the Sword and Shield Era of Pokemon games, so it is no surprise to see the TCG making it a big deal by releasing some of the best cards we’ve seen this year! The expansion puts a lot of emphasis on the lord of the distortion realm, Giratina; this is visible in the expansion’s promotional material.

We’ve been getting expansions related to the Sinnoh region this year because of the release of two Pokemon games in the Sinnoh region in the form of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus, hence the inclusion of Giratina in this expansion pack.

Lost Origin features some fabulous cards, and one such card is the Pikachu V Max, which might look very familiar to many as it was already released in Japan as a part of the V Max Climax expansion. It was probably the most popular card from the development. In today’s blog post, we will shed some light on the features of this card that make it such a valuable asset.


Pikachu is the face of Pokemon; almost everyone and their grandma knows what a Pikachu is, they might not know what Pokemon means, but they’ll know who Pikachu is, such is the stature of this tiny yellow mouse.

Found first in the lushness of the Viridian Forest. This electric rodent quickly became a fan favorite. Teaming up with Ash Ketchum also played an essential role in its rising stardom.


The Pikachu V Max was released almost a year ago in the Japanese expansion, VMAX Climax; in fact, most of the full art V max cards that we saw released this year were a part of the Japanese expansion.

Also, the Pikachu V Max isn’t the only Pikachu card in the set that has managed to garner attention; there are several more.


As for the illustration, it was done by the super-talented Souichirou Gunjima, who deserves all the praise for the fantastic illustration. The artist handled the involvement of Red on the card very elegantly, it doesn’t seem forced, and the cards look just terrific.

Adding Red to the card has made it one of a kind, as we don’t see illustrations like these far often. But whenever we do, they manage to garner the entire community’s attention.

The Sylveon Vmax is a card that comes to mind that handled the Trainer Pokemon Duo on a  card subtly.


As of writing this blog post, the Pikachu V Max is sold for around $60 across multiple reseller sites. This goes without saying, but remember that the price might fluctuate depending on the card’s condition and the time you plan to acquire it.

The future of this card seems to be safe at the moment as it is one of the, if not the best, Pikachu card in the Sword and Shield Era. But this doesn’t guarantee its price will increase because the nature of the modern TCG is such that there will always be a good supply of the card.

But if you want this awesome card in your collection, go for it!

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