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Izuku Midoriya Chrome Rare from My Hero Academia Heroes Clash

Izuku Midoriya Chrome Rare is a part of My Hero Academia Heroes Clash Set!

The My Hero Academia CCG has quickly become one of the most popular ones in the TCG community. Anime fans have flocked to stores to get their hand on this brand-new twist on their favorite franchise. The vast amounts of fan-favorite characters that My Hero Academia boasts translate very well into a CCG.

Currently, there have been two different sets in the CCG, and Heroes Clash is the third one, which is on the verge of release, and by the time you read this article, it might’ve been released already!

The brand-new set boasts some of the best cards we’ve seen in the CCG, especially the Chrome Rares! One card from the collection is the Izuku Midoriya Chrome Rare, which features the anime’s protagonist. The card is probably the most popular card at the moment, so we decided to break down the several aspects of the card and also predict what the future value may look like!


Izuku Midoriya was born quirkless in a world where having quirks is very common. He was instantly an outsider for no fault of his own; while others got to play around with their powers, our poor little Izuku was constantly bullied and didn’t get to experience the joy of having a quirk.

His story is even more heartbreaking when you consider what he dreams of, Izuku wanted to be a Hero so badly, but without a quirk, he was useless. This was until he crossed paths with his childhood Hero, and his life changed. He then enrolled in the most prestigious Hero school, and the anime follows his time in and off school!


The Chrome Rare cards are incredibly scarce, and that’s not an exaggeration, by the way. There will only be 100 Izuku Midoriya Chrome Rares. And will only be available in the first print of the Heroes Clash Set. This isn’t excellent news for most fandom because they’ll never get to have it.


The illustration of the Izuku Midoriya Chrome Rare is nothing is pretty decent, but what sets the card apart is its Chrome Foil. It is the first of its kind in the CCG and looks fantastic!

The cards have a simple metallic look, plus the green color added on top makes the card look like a priced possession, which it is.


As of now, we have no clue how the markets will react to this card. But we can predict a price point based on the previous cards from the site, and we already know the rarity of the card; there will ever be only 100 of these.

If we look at the most extensive MHA CCG card, it goes for around $300-400, and this Chrome Rares can easily surpass this amount. So a conservative estimate would be about $500. Which still is a lot. So if you manage to pull off these, consider yourselves to be one of the lucky ones; I’d personally go buy a lottery ticket right after to test my luck again!

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