Zero Gravity Lift promo from My Hero Academia UniVersus

Zero Gravity Lift promo is a part of the My Hero Academia UniVersus set and features Ochaco Uraraka!

The My Hero Academia Collectible Card game has garnered a lot of attention in the first year of its existence. The Card Game has amazed many people in the TCG community with how fast it was able to establish a foothold in the industry. MHA is a show that is massively popular around the globe right now, and Jasco games pretty much struck gold when they started this Card Game.

The first base set for the Card Game was MHA UniVersus. The base set featured many great cards featuring many beloved characters from the anime. Hence it was able to leave a mark on the fans. An expansion followed the base set called Crimson Rampage, which is as famous as the first one.

As for any community engagement, the MHA CCG also has had promotional events where they distributed certain promo cards. In one such event called ‘Regional License Exams,’ 6 different promo cards were given out to the player who looked impressive, to say the least. Since then, these cards have become the talk of the town.

One such promo card is the Zero Gravity Lift, which features Ochaco Uraraka. The card is being sold for really high prices, so we decided to do a blog post dedicated to this card!


Ochaco Urarka is a student at the prestigious UA High, where she studies with the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, in Class 1-A. She is training hard to become a pro hero that serves the people. Her quirk, zero gravity helps her out in this endeavor of hers!

Uravity (her hero name) uses her abilities to nullify the effect of gravity on any object she touches. This includes humans as well. All she has to do is connect the thing, which starts to float. This quirk might sound really basic, but in the anime, she manages to use it in many creative ways!

wall cling promo


As mentioned earlier, the 2022 Reginal License Exams are where the promotional card or the UniVersus sets were distributed to a select group of players. There were six different promotional cards, all of which are shown above!


Uravity’s powers allow her to nullify gravity. Hence the name Zero Gravity Lift for the card sounds fitting.

Urarka can be seen in her hero attire on the card and has rocks floating around her, signifying her ability to make these rocks float. Uraraka is a pretty lovable character, so the color pink suits her personality and the role in the anime. The card’s background is a nice blend of pink and blue, giving the card a gradient that looks beautiful!

The gigantic letter in her background gives the card a comic book-like feel, which is an artist choice the creator of the anime has also embraced as the anime borrows a lot of elements from western.


As of writing this post, the card’s value is $110. This value is bound to fluctuate in the future, but not as much as the cards found in the booster packs as the card’s quantity is limited due to it being a promo. So if you manage to get a hold of it, keep it in your collection!

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