Recipro extend promo from My Hero Academia UniVersus

Recipro extend promo is a part of the My Hero Academia UniVersus set and features Tenya Ida!

The My Hero Academia Card Game managed to garner a lot of attention ever since it was first released; the anime fans embraced this new twist on the MHA franchise with open arms. The CCG or Collectible Card Game features a lot of great cards with beloved characters on them. As MHA is a show in which many characters are as famous as the main protagonist, the cards featuring them were also bound to be popular.

The first base set released was called UniVersus. Since then, yet another set or an expansion pack was released called Crimson Rampage, which also featured a lot of great cards. Many promotional events took place both online and offline to promote these sets and the card game.

One such event was the 2022 Regional License Exams , in which 6 different promo cards were given out to a select few players, Recipro extend is one such card and has been demanding a high price since its release. So we decided to shed some light on the card to decipher why it’s so popular.



Tenya Ida is a diligent student at UA High, studying in Class 1-A. He is also the class representative of 1-A and takes his job seriously!

He comes from the famous family Ida, known for their distinctive quirk. Ida goes by Ingenium for his hero name, as he has engines in his calves, allowing him to run at super speeds! This car engine-like quirk has been passed down in the Ida family for years, and Tenya is keen on keeping the respect it gets by becoming a Pro Hero!

wall cling promo


The 2022 Reginal License exams is where Recipro extends given out to the players. Players were given a random card from the set of the above given six cards. Each card is almost like an alternate art card to the cards in the base set.


The card features in his hero attire, except for his helmet. His costume has been designed so that it does;t get in the way of Ida’s super-speed and allows him to sustain the speeds for longer durations! In the card, Ida can be seen getting ready to sprint, which adds a lot of life to the card.

The background of the card really makes Ida pop out in the front. The word DRRRRR is very comic book-like, and it is a theme seen throughout the promo cards!


As of writing this blog, the card is sold for around $70. the rice might fluctuate depending upon the card’s condition, so take its $70 price stage as the baseline.

The card has a limited quantity, so it might hold its price. As Recipro extends illustration is really good, and it is a promo card for the first set. It would make a great addition to any collection!

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