Slashing Whirlwind XR from My Hero Academia: Crimson Rampage

Slashing Whirlwind XR is a part of the My Hero Academia: Crimson Rampage and features the notorious Hero Killer Stain!

The My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game has been making a lot of noise since its first base set, UniVersus, was released around the globe. The Card Game takes scenes and characters from the first few arcs of the My Hero Academia anime; as MHA is a really popular anime, the card game was bound to be successful.

Since the first base set, a new expansion, Crimson Rampage, was also released to the masses and featured some of the best cards from the Card Game. One such card from Crimson Rampage is the Slashing Whirlwind XR, which features the blood-thirsty anti-hero Stain!

The card has been garnering a lot of attention, especially in the collector’s community, so we decided to do a blog post dedicated to this card so that you can determine whether or not it is worth having in your collection!


Chizome Akaguro, also popularly known as the Hero Killer Stain, got the title of the Hero Killer for a reaosn. He is infamous amongst villains for being an anti-hero; he hates heroes with all his guts and is solely responsible for killing a lot of PRO Heroes by himself!

His anti-hero stance managed to resonate with the villains and the general populous; this made him a notable figure in the world of My Hero Academia.

The Stain was locked up in prison, but when the villain, All for one, attacked the prison, Stain, along with many other prisoners, escaped!

Dropkick Slicer XR


The illustrators at the MHA CCG decided to shower some love on the anti-hero, as he got two different cards in the expansion, which are really popular amongst collectors!


The Slashing Whirlwind XR features Stain, a blood-thirsty maniac who has killed a ton of Heroes in his life. His quirk allows him to paralyze anyone whose blood he manages to taste. Hence, the card shows his tongue, as he literally is thirsty for blood!

The card’s background is painted the signature red color of Stain’s infamous scarf that he ties around his neck and head. This makes Stain pop out and overall makes the card an excellent piece to have in any collection.


As of writing this blog post, the Slashing Whirlwind XR is being sold for $30. This price might differ depending upon the quality of the card.

Slashing Whirlwind XR might become a popular card in the future for various reasons, one of them being the villain’s immense popularity amongst fans as he was one of the first ones in the series. Plus, it is a part of one other first expansion released. In the long run, it might hold on to its value!

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