Izuku Midoriya regional promo from My Hero Academia UniVersus!

Izuku Midoriya regional promo is a part of the My Hero Academia UniVersus and was given out at a promotional event for the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game!

The My Hero Academia debuted just this year and has managed to carve a significant space for itself in the TCG landscape. Much different shounen anime try to create card games around their characters. But, the My Hero Academia Collectible Card by Jasco Games looks like the most convincing and popular one so far.

This is because of the characters that feature in the anime; some of these characters turn out to be more popular than the protagonist himself, which speaks volumes about the anime’s popularity. Because of this, we got a lot of great cards from the base UniVersus Set and the Crimson Rampage expansion.

Recently in promotional events, cards were given out; one such card is the Izuku Midoriya regional promo, which is being sold for a high price right now, so we decided to do a blog post dedicated to this card!


The Izuku Midoriya regional promo features Izuku Midoriya regional (that’s a given), the inherited of All Might’s quirk, and probably the next big thing in the hero world. Izuku Midoriya was a normal kid, which is not a good thing in the world of MHA because, without a quirk, you can’t become a hero, and all Izuku wanted to do was become a hero! 

All Might was his saving grace, and the show MHA revolves around his story as he tries to tame the legendary powers he has been given!

wall cling promo

Izuku Midoriya regional promo


To promote the brand new sets released for the MHA Collectible Card Game, or CCG for short, new promo cards were given out at the Regional License Exam events! The cards feature various popular characters. All their card are given above; you can also know in more detail about the cards by clicking on them!

Izuku Midoriya regional promo


The Izuku Midoriya regional promo is probably my favorite promotional card from the bunch; it features the protagonist himself. The card does a great job at incorporating the theme colors of Deku.

The background especially is fantastic and looks great with Deku in front. The card seems almost comic book-like, and that’s intentional; most of these promo cards look like they were drawn in the comic book style. The anime also takes a lot of inspiration from western comic book styles!


As of writing this blog post, the Izuku Midoriya regional promo is being sold for $80; the might differ due to the quality of the card you are buying.

As it is an Izuku Midoriya card, it will stay relevant longer than other cards. Plus, it is a card that was given out at one of the first promo events for the card game, so it might hold its value or even increase in the future! 

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