Specialist of sound from My Hero Academia UniVersus

Specialist of sound is a part of the My Hero Academia UniVersus set and features Kyoka Jiro!

The My Hero Academia Card Game has been garnering a lot of attention as of late, and rightfully so; the card game is based on one of the biggest shounen anime that is currently airing. MHA features a lot of great characters. These characters are one of the show’s biggest strengths, so it is no surprise that the card featuring these characters is selling like hot cakes.

The cards for the first set, My Hero Academia UniVerssus, are being sold through traditional means like Booster packs and other products. But there are some cards that you can’t obtain this way, and these are promo cards that are being given out to only a certain amount of players who attend an event.

One such promo card is the Specialist of sound, which features Kyoka Jiro from Class 1-A. It has been getting a lot of attention lately, so we decided to write a blog post dedicated to the card and its prospects for the future!


As the name suggests, the card features characters whose powers have something to do with sound. Kyoka Jiro is a prestigious UA High School student and studies with Izuku Midoruya in class 1-A. Her Hero name is Earphone Jack as she has earphone jacks for ear lobes.

These ear lobes allow her to listen to even the most minuscule sounds. This makes her a great supporting hero worthy of being a part of any team. But that’s not all she can do; her earlobes can plug into stone. Using her heartbeats, she channels the beats into vibrations so immense that they can shatter rock, making the ground tremble!

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As mentioned easier, the Specialist of sound cards is a part of a set of promotional cards. A set of 6 cards was printed for the event, Regional License Exams, a competitive competition where players can participate. Out of the 6 cards shown above, one was randomly given out to the players.


Specialist of sound features the hero Earphone Jack whose power is to channel her heartbeats into loud sounds. The name suits her powers, and so does the illustration. It tasks inspiration from her outfits, making her pop out in front of the background.

The card’s pink and purple colors flow nicely together. Also, the character is known to be fond of music; she literally has earphone jacks for earlobes, so that is a given. The card’s background looks almost like a concert stage, with those bright colors lighting it up.


As of writing this blog post, the card is being sold for a $120, which is a lot when you consider that Kyoka isn’t one of the most popular characters from the show, but she does have her moments. Still, no one expected a card featuring her to do so well. The card illustration really made it a unique piece to have in any collection.

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