Ibara Shiozaki from My Hero Academia Crimson Rampage

Ibara Shiozaki is a part of My Hero Academia Crimson Rampage!

The My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game has surpassed every expectation the fans had for it. Since the release of the first set, Universus, the game has only gotten stronger and stronger as more and more people started to take an interest in it. Jasco Gmaes have really struck gold with this one!

The latest expansion pack for the MHA CCG is Crimson Rampage. This expansion brought with it a lot of awesome new cards we can play with and collect. The students of class 1-B got the much-needed attention in the expansion in the form of new cards.

One such card is the Ibara Shiozaki, which features the hero on it in her school uniform. The card has been doing round on the internet thanks to the crazy price as of now. So we decided to shed some light on the card, its illustration, some trivia, and overall how good of an addition it might be to any collection!


Ibara Shiozaki goes by the Hero name Vine because of her quirk which lets her create infinite vines from her head. Ibara can not only control these vines but also detach them from her head. Now this won’t leave her bald until Ibara gets proper nutrition and adequate sunlight on her head!

Just like everyone else at UA High School, Ibara is also training to become a Pro Hero and save humanity from the antics of Villains. Ibara is from class 1-B, so she doesn’t get much screentime in the anime; regardless of this, she is still a pretty popular character.


Ibara is a very religious girl in the anime; she can often be seen praying and overall is pretty nice to others. She even wears a robe that pilgrims wear when they go on pilgrimages, plus she wears her hair in a very old-fashioned way. Because of the thorny hair, it looks like she is wearing the infamous crown of thrones, the same one Jesus wore.


Ibara Shiozaki is a card that isn’t that great when it comes to its illustration. It uses the stock images of Ibara Shiozaki from the anime. The background has been added to give the card a more lively look. But overall, the card pales in comparison to some others we’ve seen in the set.


As of now, the card is being sold for $30. That is a lot when you consider that the illustration of the card isn’t very nice compared to other cards. The main appeal of the card comes from the character’s fan base.

We’ve seen that cards with female characters on them tend to sell for more, hence Ibara Shiozaki’s price.

As this is one of the first cards from the CCG, and the game is only getting increasingly popular daily, it is safe to assume that the card will be valuable in the future. But don’t be too optimistic about it, as the card’s illustration is not great.

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