The Price for Peace from My Hero Academia Universus!

The Price for Peace is a part of My Hero Academia Universus!

The My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game has become a dominant force in the TCG space in a few months. Ever since the  release of the first base set titled UniVersus, the MHA CCG has managed to get stronger and stronger with each passing month in 2022!

The latest addition to the MHA CCG lineup was Crimson Rampage, which brought many new and exciting cards with it. That being said, the base set is what the collectors have their eyes on even now, as it is the first set ever for the CCG, and everyone in the TCG community knows how valuable the base set cards tend to become in the future.

Many cards from the first set have been selling for ridiculous prices. One such card is The Price for Peace, which features the former number hero, All Might!

It is one of the most popular cards from the set, so we decided to shed some light on its features, what makes it great, and why you should buy it right now!


The Price for Peace features All Might or Toshinoi Nagi if you prefer his real name. All Might is the number one hero in the MHA universe and has been for decades at the start of the anime. But he decided to pass on his powers to his prodigy, the protagonist of the show, Deku, and take on a teacher role.

The anime follows All Might’s casual decline and his transoformation into more of a mentor role for the young Heroes at UA High School!


The MHA CCG has featured All Might many times, and that’s no surprising fact; he is a popular figure in the community. Out of all these All Might cards, the ones shown above are some of the best. Especially the Promotional Card shown above in which All Might can be seen punching a Nomu!


The Price for Peace features All Might in his true form, which is a skinny and pale man who has trouble even walking around normally after a battle. This true form of All Might was hidden from the public as All Might never want to show his vulnerable sight to the public.

As the card’s title says, this is The Price for Peace that All Might has to pay. Even though he is injured, he still has to fight and put on a facade of the strongest man on earth to give hope to the millions of normal people that rely upon him!

The illustration might not be as fancy as some other card’s in the set, but it probably sends out the best message!


As of writing this blog post, The Price for Peace is being sold for around $60; the price may vary depending upon the condition of the cards.

As for the future value of the card, as it is from the base set and probably the best card that features All Might’s True Form, it is an excellent addition to any collection. So expect the value to stay up for a while!

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