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The Art Of Black Abyss From My Hero Academia: Girl Power

The Black Abyss is part of the My Hero Academia Girl Power expansion pack, which released just a few days ago and has been causing quite a stir in the community ever since.

As the name suggests, the expansion is based around the female characters of the My Hero universe and boasts a plethora of great female character cards. But there are a few boys in the mix who are doing just as well, like the Black Abyss featuring Fumikage!

This card is one of the most coveted cards from the expansion, and we’re here to decipher why this is the case. So if that interests you, stick around!


fumikage tokoyami

Fumikage Tokoyami, known as the Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi, has a unique and powerful Quirk called Dark Shadow.

This Quirk manifests as a sentient shadow creature that can extend from his body, providing offensive and defensive capabilities.

The stronger the darkness, the more powerful Dark Shadow becomes, but it can also become uncontrollable in extreme darkness, leading to potential rampages.


Did you know that Fumikage’s Dark Shadow can sometimes take over his body completely, causing uncontrollable chaos?

This makes his Quirk both incredibly powerful and dangerous.

His special move, Black Abyss, involves him wearing Dark Shadow like an exoskeleton, boosting his strength and speed. It’s an epic move that fans love!


Black abyss

The Black Abyss is a move that Fumikage uses, as mentioned earlier. This move makes Fumikage a lot stronger and quicker since both he and his Quirk are together.

The power increase is obvious, and so is the coolness factor. I mean, how cool does that look, an exoskeleton made of a Quirk!

The illustration shows Dark Shadow taking over Fumikage, and it just looks so rad! No wonder it’s such a popular card!


The Black Abyss is going for around $30 on reseller sites, which is a big number when you consider what this set was meant to be.

Female cards were given more priority, and still, Fumikage has one of the best cards in the set. Not just that, the alt art version of this card is even more valuable.

So, this card is pretty relevant in the CCG right now and will stay for a while!

So, are you excited for the “Girl Power” set? Why not order it now?

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