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The Art Of Luna Arc Alt Art From My Hero Academia: Girl Power

The Luna Arc alt art is a part of the My Hero Academia Girl Power expansion pack, which just hit the shelves a few weeks back.

Ever since it was first announced, the hype surrounding the expansion has been insurmountable in the MHA community online. And rightfully so, this is the first expansion completely dedicated to the girls of the My Hero universe, and the fans are all for it.

The expansion didn’t disappoint, boasting a plethora of chase cards that every collector envies. One such card is the Luna Arc alt art, featuring the rabbit hero, Mirko! She’s one popular character, and so is this card.

So we decided to shed some light on it by delving into its origins, talking about the illustration, sprinkling in some fun trivia about the card, and finally, trying to predict its future market potential. So if that interests you, stick around!



Mirko, also known as Rumi Usagiyama, is the Rabbit Hero in My Hero Academia. Her Quirk, Rabbit, gives her the abilities and traits of a rabbit, including incredible leg strength, agility, and enhanced senses.

She’s known for her fierce combat skills and no-nonsense attitude, often taking on powerful villains single-handedly.


Did you know that Mirko’s ultimate move, Luna Arc, is as devastating as it sounds?

She uses her incredible leg strength to deliver a high-speed, spinning kick that can crush anything in its path. It’s featured on the Luna Arc alt art card, capturing the raw power and intensity of the move.


Luna Arc Alt Art

The Luna Arc alt art is probably one of the most action-packed cards in the Girl Power expansion pack.

It shows off Mirko in a very combative pose, focusing on her fierce expression. The card’s title, Luna Arc, refers to her ultimate move, where she raises her leg and slams down a kick powerful enough to destroy a building.

The illustration captures the essence of this powerful move, showing all the emotion and strength in her eyes.


As of writing this blog post, the Luna Arc alt art is going for around $27.

This is quite a lot when you consider how many Mirko cards are in this set. The most valuable card in the expansion is also a Mirko card. This one, in particular, isn’t as highly priced as the top card but still holds significant value.

Given Mirko’s popularity and the card’s stunning illustration, its price is likely to remain stable for some time, making it a great addition to any collection.

So, are you excited for the “Girl Power” set? Why not order it now?

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