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Katsuki Bakugo Chrome Rare from My Hero Academia Heroes Clash

Katsuki Bakugo Chrome Rare is a part of My Hero Academia Heroes Clash Set!

The My hero Academia CCG has performed better than anyone in the TCG community expected. The CCG features some awesome illustrations and holo foil cards that have been doing rounds on the reseller markets. The CCG blasted onto the scene with the base set and solidified its position through the expansion, Crimson Rampage!

And now, with Heroes Clash, it is pretty clear that the MHA CCG is here to stay! Since the past year, when MHA CCG was first released, we’ve borne witness to the release of some phenomenal cards. And it looks like the Chrome Rares will be another addition to that list.

Chrome Rares are a new type of rarity being introduced in this set, and the Katsuki Bakugo Chrome Rare is one such card, so we decided to shed some light on it. What makes it so popular, why do you need to acquire it, and how much will it go for in the future?


Katsuki Bakugo is the run-of-the-mill bully that you see in every anime, the only difference being that in My Hero Academia, this bully also has a soft spot, just like Vegetta has in Dragon Ball Z. Katsuki Bakugo is powerful from the get-go; he got lucky with a great quirk which allows him to create blasts from his palms!

Being so powerful, it was only time before he reached the upper echelons of Japan. In UA high school, Katsuki Bakugo is probably the most powerful Hero. But, Midoriya is catching up, and the show explores this competition between the once quirkless Deku and the powerful Bakugo!


The Chrome Rares are way different from any other category the MHA CCG has added till now in many ways. The Chrome Rares are limited to only 100, which will be released only in the first edition prints!

Each card will be numbered from 1-100, making them even more unique! There are only 5 different Chrome Rares as of now.


The Katsuki Bakugo Chrome Rare features our hero jumping down on someone, ready to bless them with an ungodly amount of power through his palm blasts! Katsuki Bakugo is a really popular character. Couple this with a dynamic illustration and a holo foil that is unlike anything else, and you have one of the best cards in the MHA CCG.

The Chrome Rares have a very distinctive metal finish, giving them a metal card look even though they’re cardboard.


The few lucky ones who get their hands on this card will be rewarded. If you’re a collector, congratulations, you just pulled one of the rares cards! And if you want to sell it, you’ll get a hefty amount!

If earlier MHA CCG cards are anything to go by, expect this card to sell for anywhere between $300-500, which is a conservative estimate! But this price isn’t set in stone; only time will tell how much this card goes for.

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