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Shoto Todoroki Chrome Rare from My Hero Academia Heroes Clash

Shoto Todoroki Chrome Rare is a part of My Hero Academia Heroes Clash Set!

The My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game has been out for a while, more than a year to be exact, and in this short time frame that it has existed, it has managed to garner a massive fanbase! The anime fans who love TCGs loved the idea of seeing their favorite characters in a CCG, hence the success that Jasco saw.

There have been two released sets, the base set and the 1st expansion, Crimson Rampage, which shed light on the first reason for the anime. The third expansion is about to release, which will cover more characters from the anime, and the fans can’t wait for it.

The CCG has, time and again, surprised the fans by releasing excellent illustrations, and the Shoto Todoroki Chrome Rare is one of the many such cards in the CCG. It is a part of Heroes Clash’s expansion and is popular now. So we decided to shed some light on the card’s illustration, its origins, some trivia, and most importantly, the price it commands.


Shoto is the youngest son of the #1 Pro Hero Endeavor and is enrolled in the most prestigious Hero Acadamey in Japan and possibly the entire World. Shoto is a class apart when it comes to its classmates, as he posses not one but two different superpowerful quirks!

One side of his body can generate Ice while the other, Fire. But Shoto rarely uses his Fire-side as he hates his Father. The latter was very abusive to his Mother. The toxicity of Endeavor led Shoto to become reserved, and his mother had a mental breakdown.

The anime follows the challenges the students at UA High School face and Shoto’s acceptance of his Father’s quirk!


As we mentioned earlier, the Chrome Rares are a new type of Rarity introduced in the MHA CCG. But this Rarity is unlike anything else that was added before, as the Chrome Rares are limited to 100 per piece! So there will only be 100 Shoto Todoroki Chrome Rares. Unless, of course, they decide to do reprints.


The Shoto Todoroki Chrome Rare shows Shoto about to discharge a considerable ice attack on someone. Cards with illustrations as dynamic as this tend to sell well in the reseller markets.

The Chrome Rare holo foil adds a lot to this illustration. The holo foil looks like metal, so even though it’s a cardboard card, it is easy to mistake it for a pure metal card when you see it in real life, which is one of the main selling points of this Chrome Rare.


Predicting a card’s future values is very hard. Multiple factors give you an estimation, but it is doable but not very accurate.

For the Shoto Todoroki Chrome Rare, the figure that we predict in reseller markets is $200-500, and this is a conservative estimate based on the previous MHA CCG cards.

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