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The art of Pokemon: Sylveon V Max from Brilliant Stars!

The Sylveon V Max is a part of Pokemon Brilliant Stars, released in February 2022!

Pokemon had a crazy year in 2021; they released a brand new remake of the 4th generation games. They also announced a brand new title, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which has to be one of the best Pokemon games ever created. And it doesn’t stop there; they also released a 25th-anniversary Celebrations set!

Apart from the 25th-anniversary stuff, Pokemon also released some great expansion packs, which continue some of the best TCG cards we’ve seen in years. And the Pokemon company is showing no signs of stopping. They’ve already announced Pokemon Brilliant Stars and will soon release it.

One card in the expansion that has caught everyone’s attention is the Sylveon V Max, which also has the trainer Valerie. The card looks gorgeous, and we’re here to talk about it. We will discuss the origins, trivia, card illustration, and, most importantly, the possible value of the card.

Espeon V Max


The Sylveon V Max has both Sylveon and its trainer, Valerie. Sylveon, as we all know, is a Fairy-type eeveelution and one of the most powerful ones as well. A Sylveon may look cute and adorable, but don’t let this fool you; it charges at dragon types without any hesitation!

Valerie is known to have one Sylveon, and she is best known for being a gym leader at Laverre Gym!


Sylveon V Max isn’t the only Sylveon chase card in Pokemon Brilliant Stars; the gorgeous Sylveon V looks just as good. These cards will become one of the most chased cards in the expansion because of their illustrations.


The illustration on this card is one of its biggest selling points. Somehow the artists have managed to make the cute sylveon even cuter.  Plus, the addition of its trainer, Valerie on the card is the icing on the cake. Both of them suit each other and make this card come alive.

The artist goes by the alias, Sui, and is also responsible for illustrating the beautiful Galarian Rapidash V from the Chilling Reigsn expansion! Their art style is very fantasy-like as you can see in the cards shown above!


As the Sylveon V Max is a Full Art card and has a trainer, it ought to increase its value on its release. Pokemon Brilliant stars are full of great chase cards, and this one will be one of the front runners in the expansion.

The price at the launch can easily reach $100, and it will start to dwindle as more and more of these cards start to come into circulation.

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