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The art of Pokemon: Umbreon V from Brilliant Stars!

The Umbreon V is a part of Pokemon Brilliant Stars, which will be released in February 2022!

Pokemon fans had a great 2021, as we got announcements for two brand new games and a Celebration’s set that contained reprints of many older Pokemon chase cards. And it looks like 2022 is off to the same start; we already got Pokemon Legends: Arceus, one of the best Pokemon games of all time, and soon will be getting Brilliant Stars!

Brilliant Stars holds the potential to be one of the best expansions in the Sword and Shield era. It is also introducing the brand new V Star cards to the TCG and has many cards that you might want to pull. One such card in the set is the Umbreon V!

Like many other cards in the expansion, the Umbreon V also features a trainer. Let’s take a look at this card’s illustration, its origins, some fun trivia, and most importantly, the value it might hold!


Umbreon was first introduced in the second generation of Pokemon games along with another Eeveelution, Espeon.

Espeon represents the day, while Umbreon is the one for the darker nights. You can get Umbreon by leveling up your Eevee at night ad Espeon by leveling up in the daytime!

  Umbreon v max


The Brilliant stars expansion has more than one Umbreon chase card; the Umbreon V Max is also one of the most coveted cards from the expansion. As we know, Umbreon cards in the past have been sold for a lot of money, and this one seems to be following the same trajectory.

The card also features the elite four members from the second generation of Pokemon games, Karen. She had an Umbreon in her team.



The illustration on this card is what sets it apart in Brilliant Stars. The Umbreon can be seen out in the open with her beloved trainer, Karen. The artist, Lingto, does a great job of making pictures come alive by using an almost water painting-like style to illustrate this beautiful card.

The artist is also responsible for illustrating the gorgeous Lumineon V from the same expansion.


As Umbreon is one of the most popular eeveelutions, it surely will command a high price when it is first released. For comparisons, the Alternate Art Umbreon V Max, released last year in Evolving Skies, is still being sold for a minimum of $250!

On the expansion launch, it was being sold for even higher, $300-400. Similarly, the Umbreon V will also peak in the first few days of the release might even reach $50-60. But after that, the price might fall and stabilize a bit.

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