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The Art of Pokemon: Ultra Rare Pikachu From Lost Origin!

The Ultra Rare Pikachu is a part of the Pokemon Lost Origin expansion pack!

Pokemon surprised us all with the announcement of the 9th generation Pokemon game of the year 2022. It came out of nowhere as no one was expecting a new Pokemon main series game so soon; I mean, we just got the phenomenal Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which enticed the fans.

So the folks at the Pokemon company decided to strike the iron while it was still hot and announced the 9th gen, bringing an end to the 8th gen or the Sword and Shield era of Poklemon for the TCG. Pokemon Lost Origin is one of the last few expansion packs for the Sw/Sh era; we’re at the tail end of this massively successful era!

So it doesn’t surprise me when I see some of the best Pokemon cards in this expansion released this year. One such card is the Ultra Rare Pikachu, which features the female trainer from Pokemon Legends: Arceus; the card is pretty cute and has been making a lot of noise on the internet.

So we decided to analyze what made this card so famous in the first place, what it is going for now, and how much you can expect the price to appreciate in the future. All this and more in the article ahead!


Pikachu is by far the most popular Pokemon across every generation of Pokemon. It manages to solidify itself as the mascot of Pokemon, and rightfully so, it has such an iconic design and has been a part of Ash Ketchum’s journey for decades at this point!

It was first found in the Kanto region, in the Viridian Forest. It isn’t solid, but its cuteness is enough to get into many Pokemon teams.


The designers went ham when they were asked to create Pikachu cards for this expansion, as multiple different TCG cards are doing great numbers in the reseller markets!


As for the illustration, the card features Pikachu along with the female trainer from the brand new Pokemon game, Legends: Arceus. The game was truly remarkable and will, be remembered by fans for the risks it took and how it completely changed the Pokemon main series games for good.

The illustration is chill, showing both the trailer and the PIkahcu sleeping under a tree. The image is the reason for the success of this card.


As of writing this article, the card is sold for around $10 on multiple reseller sites. This goes without saying, but the card’s value will fluctuate based on your condition and region.

In the future, you shouldn’t expect this card’s value to rise significantly as there are way better Pikachu cards in the Sword and Shield era, which overshadow this one.

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