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The Art of Pokemon: Pikachu V From Lost Origin!

The Pikachu V is a part of the Pokemon Lost Origin expansion pack!

Now that we’re at the tail end of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Era, expect to see some of the best cards we’ve seen so far. Pokemon Lost Origin is one of the last ones for this era, and the Pokemon TCG designers decided to go all in by giving us some of the best cards this year.

The expansion has an excellent assortment of Giratina cards, but this doesn’t mean other cards took a back seat; the Pikachu V is a card that was loved by the fans and is doing great numbers on the reseller markets! So we decided to shed some light on why it is doing so well, look at the past data, and try to predict what the price of this card might be in the future!


The electric mouse Pokemon from gen one has managed to garner the attention of not just Pokemon fans but also ordinary people who don’t know what Pokemon is. This little guy has made Pokemon the brand it is today, and rightfully so; just look at how cute it is.

Anyways, we were talking about this Pokemon’s origins. The Pikachu is as electric type Pokemon found first in the Viridian Forest in the Kanto region. It was the trusted buddy of the trainer, Ash Ketchum, in all the anime it appeared in. But even though being famous, it isn’t very strong.

I guess cuteness wins your battles.


Calling Pikachu an important Pokemon would be an understatement, to say the least, so when the Pikachu V cards arrived, they arrived in significant numbers, and I mean, there are many different variants of the Pikachu V. They are shown above with some other Pikachu cards from the expansion.


The illustration is the only reason why this card is so popular. Not every TCG fan is deep into competitive TCG, most people want to collect cool-looking cards, and the Pikachu V is one such card.

It even features the legendary trainer Red, the trainer we played as in the first gen that started it all!

No wonder this card is one of the most coveted cards of 2022!


As for the value of this card, it is floating around $30-50 right now and might differ based on the condition of the card, the country you live in, and the time you read this post.

The future of this card seems bright, though with such an iconic duo in it, accompanied by a great illustration. The Pikachu V might stay relevant for years to come.

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