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The Art of Pokemon: Hisuian Zoroark V Star From Lost Origin!

The Hisuian Zoroark V Star is a part of the Pokemon Lost Origin expansion pack!

Pokemon fans have been on cloud nine all year long. First, we got the brand new Legends: Arceus, which changed the Pokemon formula of main series games drastically, and if that wasn’t enough of a shock in 2022, Pokemon announced that they would be releasing the 9th generation Pokemn game this Holiday season!

So with that announcement, it became official that the 8th generation, or the Sword and Shield Era of the TCG, was about to end. Soon we will get new cards in the form of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet. So it is essential to bid farewell to this generation with a  bang, and Poklemon lost origins is doing just that!

The expansion features some of the best-designed cards we’ve seen so far in 2022; one such card is the Hisuian Zoroark V Star. The Hisuian Zoroark is one of the most popular Pokemon to come out of the Hisui region, so it is surprising to see it being so popular in the TCG. As it is doing so well, we decided to shed some light on some of its most prominent features and try to predict its future value!


The Hisuian Zoroark is a Pokemon revealed just this year in the brand-new Legends: Arceus. It was one of the first Pokemon to be revealed, and it certainly excited the community, as Zoroark was popular. But unlike the Unnovan counterpart, which is sneaky and a menace to society, the Hisuian Zoroark is just sad!

Yes, the Hisuian Zoroark was killed by humans living in the area, so the Hisuain Zoroark ate ghosts of all the Zoroarks killed. They were reborn out of spite and hate for Humans.


Being the star of Hisuian Zoroark, it was no surprise to see more than one Hisuian Zoroark card in this new expansion. We got three variants of the V Star cards and one V card.


The Hisuian Zoroark V Star Gold Variant is by far the most popular one and was illustrated by the super aky CG works, which have also shown the most popular card from this era of cards, the Charizard VMAX!

The artist’s style is very reminiscent of the Pokemon games as they take a 3d approach when drawing these cards, and we’re not complaining at all; every illustration they make turns out to be a masterpiece!


As of writing this article, the price of the Hisuian Zoroark V Star is $20; now, this price might fluctuate depending on the delivery charges, the condition of the card, and the time at which you buy the card.

As the Hisuian Zoroark V Star is a V Star card, a new mechanic, and not many Pokemon got the privilege of getting a V Star; this Hisuian Zoroark V Star is unique as the era of V Stars is coming to an end late this year!

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