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“Rocks in My Pockets” funny animated film about depression, and Disney vets start “Hullabaloo” crowdfunding campaign

While Pat’s off being all married and stuff, Rob and I talk about Signe Baumane’s “Rocks in My Pockets,” Bento Box keeping jobs in the US, and the “Hullabaloo” IndieGoGo campaign and why 2D ISN’T DEAD YOU GUYS jeez! I can’t WAIT for the comments on THIS episode

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Trailer for Signe Baumane’s “Rocks in My Pockets”

“Simpsons”/”Futurama” crossover promo image
Angry Birds Transformers VHS trailer

Making of the sound & music of the Angry Birds Transformers VHS trailer

Guillermo del Toro announcing his “Scare Me” competition

“Hullabaloo” IndieGoGo campaign video (click here to go to the campaign page)

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