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Concentrate from My Hero Academia: UniVersus!

Concentrate is a part of My Hero Academia: Universus!

The My Hero Academia Collectible Card game, is a recent entry into the world of the TCG; the card game was received very well by the fans of the anime and the TCG community. Thanks to the art direction that Jasco games took with this one, the cards came out really great!

The Card Game has managed to sell out almost every single product they have in store for the fans, and rightfully so. The characters from the anime form the backbone of the card game just like they do for the anime; I’ve never seen a show in which the side characters get more attention than the actual protagonist!

Because of this, many cards from the first edition of the card game have managed to sell for big prices; one such card is Concentrate from the first edition set base set. The card features one of the most popular female leads from the show hence the high price. In today’s blog post, we’ll shed some light on the card, its origins, the illustration, and its value!


Ochaco Uraraka is one of the first female characters to be shown in the anime and also one of the first students that got close to our protagonist. Her power allows her to defy gravity; anything she touches and concentrates on becomes free of the force of gravity, allowing it to float.

Uraraka’s super moves include attacks like a Meteor strike. She makes a large pile of rubble floaty and then sends it crashing down onto the enemy, similar to a meteor strike, those with quirks that resemble a dinosaur get serious PTSD from this move!


Uraraka is a prevalent character; hence she has managed to get some much-needed attention in this first base set; there are three different cards from the set that features Uraraka that are worth having in your collection!


Concentrate features Uraraka concentrating on something. As we mentioned earlier, her power is to defy the laws of gravity; she does this by touching an object and concentrating on making it floaty. Hence the card’s name and the illustration that you see on it.

Not only is the card a good one when you play the game, but the illustration also has managed to garner some attention. Though the illustration isn’t as good as some other cards in the set, it was enough to get fans excited about it.


As of writing this blog post for Concentrate, it is selling for $40 on multiple sites, and most of them are sold out. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on the most popular characters that form the first base set? The card will probably be worth a lot more in the future.

The success of the card game totally depends upon the anime’s performance, which doesn’t seem to be going down any soon. So if you ever manage to get a hold of this card, make it a part of your collection!

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