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Disney Animator Glen Keane drawing in Virtual Reality, BATMETAL Returns, and a new Bugs Bunny show WABBIT gets a trailer

This week we saw Glen Keane (the master animator behind Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”) draw in Virtual Reality, and then Batman et...

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PEZ candy movie greenlit, TMNT gets a new 2D special and China’s ROCK DOG made for western audiences

TMNT is getting a 2D animated special from Titmouse Inc, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Disney XD series shows some serious action with...


San Diego Comic Con trailer & news roundup!

Comic Con was this weekend and we try to cover the MANY stories that came from that: trailers, movie/series announcements, crossover comics, etc....


Robb Pratt Interview – Animator behind Superman and Flash Gordon Classic talks cartoons, career and superheroes!

This week we have a special interview with animator Robb Pratt (“Superman Classic,” “Flash Gordon Classic”). We talked about how and why he...

AnimationFeaturedFilmTelevision sold to LinkedIn for $1.5bil, 1920s-style Clarence episode

Where did the name ‘RubberOnion’ come from? Cat animation sells cars? sold for HOW MUCH?! We have a special 2hr episode of...