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PEZ candy movie greenlit, TMNT gets a new 2D special and China’s ROCK DOG made for western audiences

TMNT is getting a 2D animated special from Titmouse Inc, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Disney XD series shows some serious action with its new trailer and Chinese animation shows it’s on the rise in a big way with “Rock Dog.” There were also two passings we mention this week: wrestler and actor “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and animation historian and reporter John Culhane. In other news, apparently there’s a PEZ candy movie coming (not PES the animator… which would be fascinating and wanted). Also, Stephen is back from traveling and as such is in front of a nice sounding mic instead of the patchwork sounds of the tablet you heard for the last few weeks. Enjoy the crisp cool sounds of jet lag!

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(1:25:53)   RAPID FIRE!!!!!!!!

Disney XD’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” teaser trailer

The “Deadpool” trailer for the trailer

Chinese produced “Rock Dog” film trailer

Behind the Scenes for “Henry,” the Oculus Rift VR animated short (from Rapid Fire’s first story at 1:26:21 submitted by Chris Guido)

The Homestar Runner animated short about Flash’s demise (from Rapid Fire’s fifth story at 1:44:02 submitted by Andrew Kaiko)

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