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Chris Farley SHREK early story reel surfaces, Windows 10 released, and a new D&D movie announced

We finally got to see what Chris Farley’s SHREK would’ve been like in an early story reel which surfaced this week. His passing in 1997 was a big shock to us so there’s a lot of discussion surrounding this topic this week. But that’s not all because there’s a “Bob the Builder” reboot with a new character design who looks… symmetrical, a new Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show coming to Netflix which is 2D (!) and the rights have been secured to make a Dungeons & Dragons movie. That last story also contains the skit this week is Stephen reading excerpts from Ice-T’s description of his experience recording the D&D audio book (starting at 1:03:24)… so enjoy that! There are technical discussions as well surrounding the new Windows 10 and a blog post which tried (and failed) to properly compare the budgets of live-action VFX to that of fully CG Animated Films. The questions this week comes from a listener wondering if we’re going to CTNx this year, which ticket we bought, and if that’s right for her. This is another 2hr podcast so let us keep you entertained while you trudge through the middle of another work-week!

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(4:16)   Stephen installed Windows 10 on his Wacom Companion 2 and has a first assessment
(1:18:53)   RAPID FIRE!!!!!!!
(1:37:07)   AUDIENCE QUESTION: “Will you be at CTNx this year? Can you give any advice for [first time attendees]? What kind of conference pass to get, or what is a must see/do for budding animators.” ~Kristen Loader
(1:45:12)   SHOUTOUTS: ButzboPrud on Newgrounds and Andrew Kaiko

Chris Farley as Shrek from early story reel before his passing

Stephen’s favorite Chris Farley SNL Sketch “Colombian Coffee Crystals”

“Bob the Builder” reboot trailer

Explainer video for Disney’s Hyperion renderer

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