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Lynda.com sold to LinkedIn for $1.5bil, 1920s-style Clarence episode

Where did the name ‘RubberOnion’ come from? Cat animation sells cars? Lynda.com sold for HOW MUCH?! We have a special 2hr episode of the podcast this week because there were so many relevant stories! A new segment debuts at the end as well where I answer some questions like what’s the benefit of an LLC and how to spot a bad college. And who knows, you might be in our OTHER new segment this week: shoutouts!

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(1:09:50)   RAPID FIRE!!!!!!!!!
(1:34:30)   Slow Burn Question: “Stephen, what was the benefit to going LLC for your business?” -James T. Nethery
(1:40:10)   Slow Burn Question: “What should you look for in a good animation school? Also, discuss how not to fall for the tricks of the advert trade” -Orion McHugh
(1:45:26)   Shoutouts! Jeff Young-Sterling, Tobias Krebs, & Newgrounds users (BrainofBryan, RoboProdigy, manotran)

“Clarence” rubber-hose animation tribute episode

Studio Ghibli ‘cat animation’ car commercial

“Perfect Houseguest” by Tiny Inventions

Adobe Character Animator demo

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