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San Diego Comic Con trailer & news roundup!

Comic Con was this weekend and we try to cover the MANY stories that came from that: trailers, movie/series announcements, crossover comics, etc. Not to mention the stories that came out during the week not linked to the event like Harry Shearer coming back to “The Simpsons.” I’m also still on the road, so I’ve left Rob back in NY for a trip out to the IL where I am recording with Pat in his house… or as Rob like’s to call it, “The Ryan’s Den!” It’s a pretty energetic episode this week so enjoy the excitement — I hope it’s contagious.

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(20:11)   DEADPOOL trailer
(1:41:23)   SHOUTOUTS: Ronald Estid Chaparro, Andrew Kaiko, Chris McEwan, Kristen Loader, Martin Bell, Samuel L. Albro, Lamont Wayne, and Timothy Bergeron

(screengrab of Pat wearing the Luchador mask at 19:30 in the episode)
“DEADPOOL” leaked trailer



“VIXEN” CW series trailer

“SUPERMANSION” Crackle series trailer

“DANGER MOUSE” CBBC series trailer

Behind the Scenes video of the fully stop-motion ADVENTURE TIME episode, directed by Kirsten Lapore

(“Late for Meeting” at 1:38:28 in the episode)

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