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Peanuts movie trailer and Powerpuff Girls re-cast

I (Stephen) am back in NY on my new Wacom Companion 2 and it actually handled the recording and editing rather well! Rob and I talk 3 trailers, 2 series announcements, 3 audience questions and many more stories in our Rapid Fire segment! Of the trailers, “Peanuts” absolutely blew us away (retroactive spoiler alert). I also take the beginning of the podcast to talk about the Wacom Companion 2 and Adobe Flash CC 2015. You can check out the images under the annotations for a quick look at a weird bug I encountered and the symptom solution in Windows 8.1.

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(4:54)   Stephen got a Wacom Companion 2 and Flash CC 2015
(1:16:03)   RAPID FIRE
(1:29:20)   Audience Question: “We all heard the comment ‘It looked good on paper, but the execution was bad/terrible or the idea didn’t live up to certain standards or etc.’ Did you guys ever come across those scenarios? How did you learn to over come them?” ~Ronald Estid Chaparro
(1:34:59)   Audience Question: “Do you guys ever get annoyed whenever someone says something ‘isn’t original, and thus, why I hate it already?’ I’m getting very tired of that, especially from critics.” ~Andrew Kaiko
(1:40:02)   Audience Question: “What projects, movies, TV show’s, etc. that had you say [it looked good on paper but not in execution]? What changes would you each have like to see happen before the product was finished or after seeing the product?” ~Ronald Estid Chaparro

(Below) Weird bug found using Wacom Companion 2, Adobe Flash CC 2015 & Windows 8.1. Left “1 2 3” drawn with pen, middle “1 2 3” drawn with finger/touch and right lines are actually “dots” drawn with the pen
Flash vs Windows 8.1 bug
(Below) The solution (of the symptom) I found is to change the scaling down to “Smaller 100%”
Flash vs Windows 8.1 bug SOLUTION
The PEANUTS Movie trailer #3

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS teaser trailer

KUNG FU PANDA 3 teaser trailer

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