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What to Expect in Your First Year as a Freelance Animator

freelance school rubberonion animation podcast year one what to expect

To kick-off the new year, I’m having a month long “Freelancing School” where each week you get a blog post and a podcast episode based on one of your first four years in building a freelance animation business. This week it’s all about what to expect when you finally decide to make that jump. We talk about how to pitch for jobs and where to find them, whether or not to take low paying gigs, how to quote for animation and some of the big changes that happen (like taxes and insurance). If you’ve been thinking about making a go at being a freelancer, January’s selection of shows and posts is a good place to start!

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Topics & Timestamps:

(7:09) What’s on the Show
(10:52) Your (and our) 1st Client… getting started
(18:13) When Stephen decided that animation was his career
(20:23) Freelancing like Standup Comedy
(22:53) Ways to Learn (and get into) Animation
(28:08) Understanding Name-Brand through the world of Modern Art
(34:15) The benefit of being young
(40:46) Client Types: The Poker Chip Metaphor
(46:43) What changes happen to your life when you go into Freelance
(55:08) Networking and finding what works with your own personality
(1:01:07) How to Pitch for a job
(1:13:34) How to Quote a budget for animation
(1:32:41) Final Words and more on networking


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