How Artists deal with Technology Failures, and Tips for You!

what to do when technology lets you down as an artist rubberonion animation podcast episode 111 with stephen brooks and rob yulfo

HOT COCOA SHOW! This show’s topic is “What to do when Technology lets you down as an Artist” and we talk all about our (mis)adventures in using technology, how to troubleshoot problems when they arise, and how to even avoid problems before they happen! If you are technologically-challenged, this is the episode for you and you should definitely check out the main blog post. And don’t miss the giveaway announcement in the podcast… it’s first-come-first-served!

And don’t forget to check out the companion blog post with this podcast to read a more structured list of ways to be troubleshoot and prevent technology failures!

Listen for Rob2001, #TechShaming, caramel-snort, ♫calling Stephen Brooks♫, cats = computer bugs, and “Samsonite… I was way off!”

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Topics & Timestamps:

(7:44) “The Secret” vs “The Obvious”
(9:31) Why you should always have System Restore on
(12:48) How Stephen became the “computer guru” for others
(15:08) “Technologic” by Daft Punk
(19:29) Being an Artist at this point in time
(25:05) Everyone adapts to technology at different rates
(27:26) 1: Equivalent Programs
(28:37) 2: Multiple Computing Devices
(29:42) 3: Alternate Workflows
(31:00) 4: Style Changes
(34:15) Rob’s 1st story: why you shouldn’t punch your computer
(43:38) Actions in vain: polaroid pictures and NES cartidges

(48:45) Stephen troubleshoots a problem Rob’s having in Flash LIVE/(prerecorded)
(56:21) STEP 1 – Getting Information on the Problem
(57:17) STEP 2 – Search for Existing Solutions (and Googling tips)
(1:01:25) STEP 3 – Reach Out on Social Media
(1:05:14) STEP 4 – Find a Workaround
(1:07:28) STEP 5 – Revisit with New Information
(1:08:30) Rob’s 2nd Story: why you shouldn’t stab your computer
(1:34:17) Parting tips
(1:36:22) What is the most important thing if you’re “bad at computers?”


Media Referenced During this Episode:

“My Friend the Computer #2: B.S.O.D”

“My Friend the Computer #3: Replacement”


“Technologic” by Daft Punk

“Eggnog Santa” flipbook animation loop by Stephen (and GIVEWAY!)

Should you Buy-High or Buy-Low?
should you buy a high end computer or an average one, which one is more economical and safe


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Written by
Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks is a freelance animator in NYC that specializes in a hand-drawn style. Being a professional since 2005, he also produces indie shorts with self-made music, sound fx & voices. Lately Stephen has taken to introducing others to animation with production VLOGs, a podcast, instructional videos and is writing a book on traditional principles in a digital world. View his animation work

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