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“The Tale of The Princess Kaguya” release, “Over the Garden Wall” miniseries, and a new “Judge Dredd” fanimation

We have a lot of great stories this week about new animation based on existing properties like the “Dredd” fanimation, a stop-mo “Elf” holiday special & Todd McFarlane making a new “Spawn” animated series… and new stuff like the “Over the Garden Wall” miniseries! We LOVED doing the special episodes but it’s great to talk about animation news stories again and we want to know what YOU think about them too! Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on what we talked about

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(08:35)   Andrew Kaiko’s fan art submission
(10:50)   Chris McEwan’s fan art submission
(14:44)   Ronald Chaparro’s fan art submission

Andrew Kaiko’s fan art
Andrew Kaiko's fan art
Chris McEwan’s fan art
Chris McEwan's fan art
Ronald Chaparro’s fan art
Ronald Chaparro's fan art
“The Tale of The Princess Kaguya” US dub trailer

“Judge Dredd: Superfiend” fanimation

“Over the Garden Wall” first look trailer

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