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Artists and scientists associated with Media Environments at the Bauhaus University Weimar are currently presenting their works in the exhibition at the MO Museum of modern art in Vilnius Lithuania. The exhibition began on 4th May 2019 and will end on 22nd July 2019. It is being curated by Ursula Damm and Ugne Paberzyte .The Coordinators are Mindaugas Gapsevicius and Iveta Jaugaite. The Science Consultant is Julian Chollet.

MO Modern Museum Of Art; Photo Courtesy of Internet

The artists that are exhibiting are: Ursula Damm, Birgit Bruggemeier, Stephan Isermann, Jan Georg Glockner, Theresa Schubert, Rico Graupner, Sebastian Kaye, Freya Probst and Mindaugas Gapsevicius. These artists are presenting scientific experiments as works of art and then analyzing them in a cultural context. They are trying to change the link between art practice and technology and its place in today’s world.

Bauhaus University; Photo Courtesy of Internet

The exhibition which is titled “Shared Habitats” offers stopovers for the participants to be able to connect in the realm of other creatures. “Shared Habitats” refers to the idea of Jakob Von Uexkull, who laid the foundation for the understanding of a constructed internal “world” of a being, where the identification of external stimuli creates internal memory and action between the individual and its environment. This idea is able to explore the inter-relations between humans and their habitat, humans and non-human species and humans with machines.

Exhibition at MO Museum; Photo Courtesy of Internet

This exhibition takes up Uexkull’s respect for the completeness of the individual world and develops an aesthetic of exchange. It shows that humans are able to develop visions and new spheres of possible futures.

Jakob Von Uexkull; Photo Courtesy of internet


At the same time, it communicates the ideas of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy who described the so-called primitive man as a hunter, craftsman, builder and physician all in one person. According to Lazlo, these skills were lost in the modern age and he thought it was important for him to re-position human in everyday life with the help of art.

Curator Ursula Damm; Photo Courtesy of internet

This exhibition normally uses modern technologies: virtual reality, social networks, video games and research with the aim of presenting Bauhaus University as a place where science, innovation in art and technology all take place. Visitors are not only presented with works of art but are also given an opportunity to experiment together in the laboratory.

Curator Ugne Paberzyte; Photo Courtesy of internet

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