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Reading Rainbow meets Kickstarter goal, “Book of Life” & “Song of the Sea” trailers, and Sony Imageworks moving to Vancouver

We kicked off June with another LIVE episode of the podcast! We talked about Reading Rainbow, gushed over Mukpuddy’s work, loved the “Song of the Sea” trailer, and discussed Sony VFX house Imageworks leaving the US for greener tax credit pastures of the great north in Vancouver. But not before we could talk about Godzilla and Maleficent, however… two movies on opposite ends of the spectrum in numerous ways. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the live taping and joined us in the chat room… you’re all awesome! This week’s title comes courtesy of Andrew Kaiko in the chat, Pat Ryan simultaneously coming up with it in the podcast, and all off Rob’s weird, periodic ramblings. Oh, and we finished with some limericks and Pat serenades us with an original song after the music at the end.

blank blank blank


Reading Rainbow team reacting to getting funded

Storyboard timelapse for “Broken Egg” short that Stephen referenced

Mukpuddy’s “Dead End Job” animated short

Demo of Autodesk’s new Draco program

“Song of the Sea” trailer

“Book of Life” trailer

Clip from episode 2.10 of “Comedy Bang! Bang!” which was centered around a long comedic commentary on greenscreen/VFX

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